Tuesday, December 6, 2011


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Navajo Rug Auction - May 2011

Crown Point Rug Auction. We bought a
beautiful Storm pattern rug.

Friends of Hubbell Native Arts auction.
Dennis hold a pictorial pattern rug.

Dennis and our famous friend Bill Malone,
trader to the Navajo.

Cute Navajo girls helping with the auction.
We bought this rug to make it into a pillow.

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Canyon de Chelly, AZ

Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly. Geochacing is so
much fun since the kids gave Dennis a
GPS device!

Rain water in pools over the hike pathway. Cool!

Canyon de Chelly

Can you find Dennis perched on the rocks?
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The five of us in front of the fountain in a quaint little French village.

Pretty little carousel!

Margaret was the super shopper. She now has 4 Pandora bead bracelets.

Breakfast at our French bed and breakfast. Look at the size of those hot chocolate cups!
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At the lake in Interlakken, Switzerland.

Jewelry shopping took a lot of our time. I had fun watching the others pick out their Pandora beads for their bracelets. At a minimum of $24 a bead, I just couldn't get into it.

Liz and Kathleen as they return to meet us. They look like they are having a blast!

Margaret left her purse sitting on the ground next to the bench after a rest stop. Colleen picked it up and carried it behind her until Margaret was finally ready to make another purchase. Suddenly Margaret realized her purse was missing. This photo is us laughing after her panic turned to relief when the missing purse was produced.
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Tuscany, Italy

Our villa for the week, too cold for the swimming pool though! We had it all to ourselves.

My bedroom.

David in Florence (Kathleen in orange shirt)

The village rooftops.

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Favorite Italian photos

McDonald's anyone?

This bathroom signage made us laugh out loud!

Pisa, Italy with Colleen

Posted by PicasaTiramisu to die for! $6.50 each!