Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shopping with grandma is fun. Can you read what is written on Alyse's shirt?
It says, "If it's drama you want, here I am!" Boy, does that ever fit?

Make your own Pizza night!

What good does it do to have a dentist for your grandpa unless he brushes your teeth once in a while?

In front of the Sacramento Temple

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The Zoo Too

Pink flamingos in the gift store, but grandma was not buying today. That didn't stop her from enjoying seeing them though.
Alyse can strike a pose like no one else I know!
Hey, Whitney who is your friend?
Alyse, monkeying around, again!

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Whitney & Alyse Zoo Day

One thing the girls got to do while they were here was go to the Sacramento Zoo. I let them each choose one of my vacation hats. The hats keep the sun burn off and the girls seemed to love wearing them and the attention they got from others. Several people comment to me on how cute the girls were in their hats. Alyse loves pink and that includes pink flamingos. This is the lake you find when you first enter the zoo. Flamingos galore and such a cute photo of the girls.

The penguin exhibitwe were expecting to see ( and the relief from the heat) was completely gone. I don't know where they went since penguins can't fly, but in their place was the Conservation Carousel. It was so hard for Alyse to decide what animal she was going to ride on. Whitney chose the tiger right off the bat.

Alyse went from the boar to the kangeroo and then, when we were getting off she found her favorite - too late - a pink flamingo....maybe next time?
This photo was taken in the play area. They have some picnic tables in one area with some slides and fun things to climb on to have your photo taken. The girls are so good and never, ever caused even a minute of trouble or asked for anything that wasn't offered to them. They are amazing and we love having them come to visit us!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

I Love our family 2009

Rulon, Julie, Chester and Mads. I'm using my best shots, but I am hoping Brittney got some better ones. She has a better camera.

Kent and Brittney. The are always so photogenic!
And, they are expecting an addition to the family in January 2010!

Lindsay, Sophie, Dallin and Ethan, with Whitney and Alyse in front. Just looking at the photos makes me miss them since they live so far away in Texas! They are expecting to have a new baby in late September/October-ish.

From left to right, Sophie, Whitney, Veronica, Mads, Uncle Brett, Summer, Jessica, Alyse, Dallin, Austin and Rulon....that's a couch full!

I didn''t get one single good picture of Melissa's family... help, can someone send me one?

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Geocache Hunting

Kent led the troops on our first experience (not his first, though) in placing a Geocache filled with travel bugs. We had so much fun and I want to do it again and again. Here's the whole group at the beginning. Whoever thought of taking this picture was a genius..thanks for using your noodle!

Summer really liked Uncle Brett,
especially when she got to ride on his shoulders for the hike. Isn't that a beautiful background? Love those red rocks!
And we all love Uncle Brett too!
Melissa and Summer taking a break.
Hey, Melissa, give her back to Brett so she will cheer up a little!
It was one of the hottest weeks on record for St George, so we did feel the heat!
The group as we were placing our Geocache. Uncle Kent did a great job of getting us organised, registered, took care of ordering everything for us and showing us how it's done. This is when the kids were all searching for and placing a rock to hide our cache.

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Before the water, need I say more?
Go, Dallin!
Whitney is hard at work!
Mads was done and didn't care
about the money, his mom is still
his favorite possession.

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Family Vacation in Ivins

It has been a tradition for the grandkids to receive new pajamas at family vacation. Here they are. It almost didn't happen, but thanks to a good sale at The Children's Place, we pulled it off.....the question is, how many pairs of pajamas will we need for NEXT YEAR?
THE MUD BOG...searching for lost golf balls (no, they don't float) in Grandpa's MUD BOG. Thanks to Uncle Kent for major muscle work here, too. Dennis was glad to have his help and the help of Austin and some from Veronica and Jessica. The search was frantic because the different color balls were worth differing amount of CASH!

Sophie was part of it too, although she was a little more cautious and delicate in the search...but guess who found the $5.00 golf ball? Look at that adorable face!

Rulon was a mud bog maniac....and even took a break to flex his muscles for Grandma! It was so much fun.

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