Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Anasazi Trail Hike & Petroglyphs

Doug and Sharon Lyons came to visit with us and the Richards for a few days. We had a great time remembering old times in Spain, playing cards (and the women beat the men at hearts!), eating our and going for a hike.

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Fake Christmas Day

Melissa had been SO sick, but not too sick to enjoy gettgin a food massage from Dad.

Colby: What can I say? This is one CUTE and GOOD baby boy!

Brett made it back from shipping his car to Hawaii.

Summer liked sitting with Unbcle Brett.

Kent and Brittney and Beckett were here too, but apparently I didn't get a photo of them!
DRAT! :(
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Rock Statues......

Do you recognise these statues? You can't even tell that the other 3 are hiding behind the rock, can you?

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Powelsons For Christmas

We LOVE that the Powelson's came to our house for Christmas 2010. Such a cute family and we love them so much. There is no need for words when you have great photos.

We love you, Chester, Julie, Rulon, Mads and Mina!
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We had a lot of rain, day after day. It melted the snow higher up and filled the rivers here in the St George area.
This is the Santa Clara River. The water is nearly as high as the bridge. The two backhoes are pulling large trees and logs out of the river to keep them from blocking the flow of the water.

Up stream you can see that the road across the river has been washed out.
These rock dykes were built in 2005 to help contain the flood waters.
They definitely helped to control the course of the water.

Where there is water, there will also be water falls.
This one we found in the Kayenta area. So pretty.

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Christmas Sugar Cookies

Rulon and Mads made sugar cookies when they arrived at our house. We tried a new way to decorate them this year. We used evaporated milk with drops of food coloring in it to "paint" the cookies before they were cooked. It took about 6 drops to get a dark color in about 1/8 cup of the evaporated milk. Then we gave the kids bowls of colors and a water color paint brush and let them go. It turned out remarkably well, and there was no messy frosting to deal with.

Rulon knows exactly what he wants and is very artisitic.
Mads just has a good time no matter what he is doing.

Julie even got in on the craftiness.

It looks like Mads likes the stars the most.
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