Friday, January 23, 2009

Pictures for Veronica

Our house in Ivins
The kitchen table and chairs looking out into the back yard
Downstairs kitchenette and family room
Master bathroom

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


more Ibis?

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Airport, continued

Just had to add this photo of the whole group!

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Patti with Sophia!

Well, we are home from our Florida trip! What a fabulous time we had. I will have to start with a post about our picnic at Bush International Airport in Houston. Lindsay and the kids brought lunch and we pigged out and played at the airport. The kids were so very adorable, lunch was yummy and the time went by too quickly.

Cute and Clever Dallin eating his lunch.

I came back to find a letter from the radiolgist who read my chest x-ray taken before we left. It says:

"FINDINGS" There is a small area of vague patchy opacity which appears new in the peripheral right lung on the frontal view. It may be within the right middle lobe on lateral view. This could represent pneumonia, however, follow-up is suggested to document resolution. The aortoa is mildly tortuous. The heart is not enlarged. Surgical clips are seen in the left axilla with changes of left mastecomy.

"IMPRESSIONS" Possible new air space disease/pneumonia in the peripheral right midlung. Follow up to document resolution is recommended.

So, I have no idea what that means. "Tortuous" sounds like a bad word no matter how you use it in a sentence! I just know I am still coughing....and I am calling my Doctor again.

What the heck are the surgical clips in the axilla? And can that be a good thing? I hope so?

Adorable Alyse is as cute as ever!

Don't you just love those Le Sueur kids?

Beautiful oldest grand child, Whitney

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

What could possibly be more fun than having Santa show up right on your very own doorstep on Christmas Eve? Well, those Powelson's are pretty lucky, because that is exactly what happened at their house on Christmas Eve.
Each of the boys got a turn to sit on Santa's knee....
Mads was given the Powelson family present from Santa and he opened it right away! Surprise! A movie suitable for the whole family to watch..."WALL-E"
Rulon sat on Santa's knee too and everyone received a candy cane. Rulon told Santa he would like a set of bunk beds for his room so Mads can sleep downstairs with him. HMMMM, I wonder how Santa is going to carry bunkbeds in his sleigh?
Aren't they cute, the three of them? Grandma and Grandpa Fairbourn were there too and loved being part of the fun.....quick let's go to bed and see what surprises tomorrow brings!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008 in Utah

Snow in Utah was plentiful while we were there. I hear it is still falling and piling up. Susan Nichols says she lives in Siberia! And Julie seems eady for it to stop also. But, Chester is snowboarding and having a grand time!
See the pile up on their fence and in the back yard? The lower picture is showing a dorky guy who thought he would complete a U turn in the middle of the road, right out Julie's living room window. Hmm, lets see, 8 inches of snow, large collection of snow in the middle of the road, tons of snow that has been snow-plowed to the sides of the road....but maybe if I step on the gas and HURRY!....good thing Chester was there to scoop him out cause this guys was not even capable of handling a shovel to help himself. Chester is the hero of the day!
Cute Rulon is playing on the back patio. Chester shoveled a pile of snow for him to play in. That boy must be part Canadian, cause he surely does love the snow!
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Columbia, California

Dennis and Brett, on the busy walking street in old Columbia, a touristy area made on the site and to look like the old gold mining town from yesteryear. We enjoyed walking on the street, looking in to the shops. One store was glassed in and was a Dental museum, showing the old instruments and devices used on teeth back in those days. Some of them looked pretty scary!

We walked through a store of soap making and finished products and smelled the wonderful fragrances of the different soaps. My favorite was the Cinnamon soap. I always love the cinnamon and the orange/clove smells. They smell good enough to eat!

We walked through town, passing the singing cowboy playing on the street for money to be dropped into his guitar case. I treid to take his photo, but I guess if you are not contributing to his earmings, he doesn't want his picture taken. He turned his back each time, so I decided I didn't want his photo anyway! Ha Ha.

Brett found an amusing sign. Of course , it became more amusing after he figured out how to help it be amusing. I thought it was pretty funny too. One of the shops was a blacksmith shop, using an open first and a bellows to keep the fire going. They had all sorts of crafts made from horse shoes. I had pur chased a horse shoe hat rack for the Scorup cowboy room in our house in St George.
Of course, a Gold miners town would not be complete without a stage coach ride, would it? I liked the look of the horses, stage coach and the drivers. But we did not like the price! So, a free picture will have to do. We continued on down the Street to the Fallon Theater.

Dennis had bought tickets for us to attend the live theater presentation of "The Christmas Foundling". It was a cute story about a bunch of miners who find a young woman freezing on their doorstep. But before she dies, she gives birth to a baby boy. The miners raise the baby and become so attached that they refrain from swearing or talking about anything "harmful" in front of "the boy". Many years later, an aunt shows up looking for her long lost sister. Turns out the boy is her nephew. Anyway, it was a cute story with a surprise, good ending, so we enjoyed it a lot.
This is a picture of a side trip we took to see "Mark Twain's Cabin" Historical markers told us Mark Twain stayed here while he was writing many of his stories, including "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and Other Sketches_ (1867) by Mark Twain.
It was pretty humble, with only one room, but it did have a nice fireplace. Brett jumped the fence and toured inside and got a few pictures. Dennis and I remained outside. All in all, we had a really fun day. And, as an additional surprise, Brett had gone back to the soap place and bought me a large bar of the cinnamon soap and 4 smaller bars, Pink Grapefruit, Spearmint, Strawberry andSandalwood/Vanilla. Now, that's a nice surprise and shows what a wonderful, thoughtful son we have! Thanks, Brett! And thanks to Dennis for planning the whole day for us!

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