Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Powelson's visit to California

Grandpa with Mads riding the monorail at the State Fair.

Mads enjoyed our day at the lake, chillin' in the big orange intertube...thumbs up to this!

Mads, again, standing while he rides the tube with Daddy Chester.Talk about trust!

Grandpa's boat with Rulon and Julie. Grandpa even let the boys drive the boat!

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Richards visit to California

I had bought a big container of Legos at a garage sale with no idea what could be made from them....Austin was challenged to see what he could make and I would take photos of his creations.....he is so creative and made so many different things. Veronica and Jessica made cool things too.

At the State Fair, Melissa and Jessica and SUmmer on the Tilt a Whirl.

We also went to the kids water park in Folsom for lunch and splash fun.

We also took sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

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