Sunday, December 19, 2010

Monument Valley

We had a beautiful drive through Monument Valley.

The rock formations are incredible and...

the Navajo Tacos and Fry Bread was the best ever!

It was a great trip!
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John Albert Scorup Home in Bluff

Dennis's grandfather built this home for his family
in Bluff, Utah. This is the front of the house.

The house from the rear. It is listed on the
National Registry of historic buildings.

From a distance, with the Twin Rocks in the background.
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Visit With the Le Sueur Family

Dallin trying out his new basketball hoop!

Lindsay (in the beautiful Kingwood weather)
playing with the kids.

Violet likes the flashing ball Grandma and
Grandpa gave her.

Look out's the tickle monster!
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Hubbell Trading Post

Two Grey Hills Trading Post

Twin Rocks trading post

Shonto Trading Post
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Navajo Rug Weaving

Dennis has become fascinated with Navajo Rugs. We took a trip to see Lindsay and
Ethan's family and on the way enjoyed stopping at several trading posts and
pawn shops to look at Native American handicrafts. This is one of the rug rooms.

I've was admirng their baskets and love this one.
They are made with sumac.

Dennis liked this one very much, but we did not buy it.

This is a Yei rug we bought at Shonto Trading Post. Al Grier is
the trader and he still runs his trading post pretty
much like in the old days. There used to be close to 50 trading posts and
now there are only about 8 that have not turned more commercial
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brett Got Married!

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Fairbourn...........
Could they look any happier? NO, I don't think so!
Two cute girls waiting for their Uncle Brett and Aunt Heidi!
Darling Alyse at the reception, nice earrings, don't you think?
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heidi's Bridal Shower

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Busy August 13-15, 2010

Mini Reunion, Class of 1968.
Gladys Sweeten, Jan Moon, Anita Kerns, Jill Bollingbroke, Patti Smith and Sandra Archibald.

Sundance Theater - "Big River" Julie, Heidi, Brett and Dennis.
What great company and an awesome performance!

The Camp Loll BoB Sqaud reunion -
Brett, Andy, J.D. and Taylor

Aunt Marcy's birthday party BBQ, with the some of the grandkids.

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Friday, July 30, 2010


11 years old! Wow, how did she grow up so fast? Lunch at In-N-Out Burger, red velvet birthday cake and ice cream at home, swimming at the pool and the finale: The Ivins 24th of July parade. What a fun week and OH, how we love those kids!

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Sand Dunes in Snow Canyon

June 2010 - We took an early morning trip with the Richard's family and the grandchildren to the san dunes is Snow Canyon. Just as the children were about through play (the sun was coming over the mountain and it was getting hot) 3 ladies on horesback came by and offered the kids a chance for a ride! What a fu day!

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2010 Desert Stars

Whitney and Alyse spent a week with us and enjoyed classes at Tuachan. They went every day for 1 hour each of training in dancing, singing and acting . 3 hours each day total.
At the end of the week they were in the production and had solo parts in their own special area in which they had been selected. Whitney had both a singing solo and a speaking solo. Alyse had a solo as a dancer. All the parts were rather small since almost all performers were given a chance to "shine." They said they loved it and would like to do it again!

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