Friday, August 22, 2008

We are having fun dreaming about our new home in Ivins, Ut. Even though we don't live there full time, we love it there. The red rocks and red mountains are just beautiful! Right now, Kent and Brittney live there and are telling us all about their every day adventures! I've ordered a "Please remove your shoes." sign from "Saying It Simply". They are great about designing and making to order whatever you need. Check out their site at
We recently bought some new furniture and had the fun of setting it up and getting it ready for sleep overs! I love this log bed and guess what? We found it on Craig's list!
Yippe for good deals!
The matching dresser.............
And the western style dining set for the kitchen.
Gotta love those star cutouts in the chairs!

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Friday, August 8, 2008

More cute grandkids

Jessica and the S'More!
Whitney likes them too!

Alyse jogs around the track!

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Cute, Cute Grandkids!

Jessica and Rulon are cousins who like each other and
hold hands as they walk together.
(But, I have to admit, it was Jessica's idea!)
Is Mads the cutest little guy in this picture or what?
Sophia loved the drinking fountain!
Oh the joy of splashing in a pool to cool off!
Dallin loved it

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Thursday, August 7, 2008


The Court House Inn, our rental for the week. 8 bedrooms wirh 4.5 bathrooms.
An awesome place to stay.

You can find it at
Somehow I missed getting a picture of Lindsay's family, but I love this
candid shot of them at the Park on Water Day. That's Julie with the long
blond hair and Mads in the pool.

Kent's attempt at the spitting contest, he was 1st runner-up

And Melissa looks like an expert spitter to me!

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Julie's family


Brett won the Piute County Fair Spitting Contest...
look at that form

5K Run participants....lots of medals in that group and lots of fun had by all!!
Brittney and Jule had already gone back to the house in search of bandaids for
Rulon's skinned knees

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Fairbourn Family Vacation at Junction , Utah

What could be better than a S'More in your right hand and a hot dog in your left. Of course, you eat the S'More first. (Rulon P, age 2)
How about matching CARS pajamas, Lightening McQueen for the boys and Sally for the girls?
(Back) Rulon P., Dallin L. Austin R.
(Middle) Jessica R., Alyse L, Veronica R., Whitney L. Front
(Front) Summer R., Mads P. (amd Julie's hand to the rescue!)
Summer, having a serious wild hair day, but isn't she cute?
Brittney and Kent

More pictures to come!

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